Outlander Season 7: Release Date , Cast and latest news

The latest on Outlander season 7: Here are 12 facts about the new season of the Sam Heughan drama that we know.

Fans of Outlander are hoping they won't have to wait too long to see more of Claire and Jamie's adventures. It's been almost seven months since the end of season 6, and fans are eager to see what comes next.

Sam Heughan and Caitrona Balfe have become huge stars thanks to the popular series Outlander. It's about a military nurse from World War II named Claire Randall who goes back in time from 1945 to 1743 and meets, falls in love with, and marries a Highland warrior named Jamie Fraser.

Based on the best-selling books by American author Diana Gabaldon, there are already 75 episodes in the can. However, the last series had to be cut short to just eight episodes because of the global pandemic.

The last time we saw the couple, Jamie and Claire were getting less and less control over Fraser's Ridge, which caused a lot of trouble.

Now, millions of Outlander fans are on the edge of their seats, waiting for the soon-to-be-announced date of season seven, which will end the "Droughtlander."

Even though Starz, the TV network that makes and shows Outlander, hasn't announced a date yet, we do know a few things about the next season.

Here is everything we know about it so far.

1. It's happening for sure

The first thing to say is that season 7 is still going on. There is no chance that it will be suddenly canceled. We know for sure that it started filming earlier this year because on April 6, Starz tweeted, "The cast and crew are back at it! #Outlander Season 7 is in production!"

 2. Does Jamie have a new look?

Jamie could end up looking very different this season, as Sam Heughan let slip that he had gotten a makeover on set (but not necessarily on the Outlander set), telling Holly Newson in an Amazon Audible interview: "I might have gotten some prosthetics at some point. In the future, you might see. It was really fun." 

3. There may still be a bit of a wait, though.

Even though season 7 is coming, it doesn't look like it will be here this year because it takes about a year to film an Outlander season. It may not be what you want to hear, but it looks like the most likely release date is early summer. At least the time between seasons won't be as long as the two years between seasons 5 and 6. 

4. They are still making it in Scotland.

Outlander fans who want to visit places where the show was filmed have given Scottish tourism a big boost, and this is likely to continue. The actors have been tweeting about filming in Scotland in 2022, including at Burntisland's East Dock, Kinloch Rannoch, and Culross.


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