Outerlander:Season 7: New details about Outer Season 7 Just Emerged

Already, the wait for news about when Outlander season 7 will start has been pretty hard. Last year at this time, we already knew when Season 6 would start again. 

This time, everything is still a little bit of a mystery. We're writing this article based on the idea that Season 7's 16 episodes will be split up, mostly because that's what makes the most sense from the outside. 

Also, it's what the network has done in the past, which is usually a pretty good sign of what it will do now. 

So, what can we really expect from the schedule for season 7? If the first eight episodes don't come out in the spring, it's because Starz doesn't want us to see them yet. The first half of the season has been filmed for a while now. 

We don't think the show will come out on March 6 like it did last time (see the key art above), but it might come out in late March or early April. I can see why. It would also let Starz finish what it has planned for January or February first.

At the moment, it seems likely that the first half of the season will run from the time frame above until late May or early June, when it can get a lot of attention with less competition. 

This could also make the season eligible for two different Emmy cycles. Even if the show usually doesn't get nominated, we don't want to give up hope. What does this mean for the second half of the season?

At the moment, we think the network has two choices: either extend the season or air the second part next fall/winter. 

We think they'll go with the second option, and if they decide to make a season 8 (crossing our fingers), they can use the prequel Blood of My Blood to keep people interested until season 7 is over. Given how long it takes to film season 7, we expect that the cast and crew will take a long break afterward.

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