Netflix shares details and release date of Virgin River season 5

People can't wait for Virgin River to return to Netflix for its fifth season.

Date of release.

Unaware viewers should know that the show will return someday in 2023. since November 2022 is the projected end date for production.

Season 5 might, however, be available on Netflix's streaming service as early as the summer of 2023.

On November 21, 2022, What's on Netflix tweeted a sneak peek for the program and a video of the cast celebrating the conclusion.

Canada's British Columbia is the location for the series' Canadian production by Reel World Management.

Cast: Moving on to Mark Ghanimé, Instagram shared a screenshot of a season 5 meeting. Mark Ghanimé made his acting debut in season 4 as Dr. Cameron Hayek.

According to sources, additional cast members have been added, and they will make their debut in Virgin River season 5.

Hogan, Susan

Elise Gatien

Maiolo, Paolo

Martin Henderson

Breckenridge, Alexandra

Matheson, Tim

Colin Lawrence

Annette O’Toole

Hollingsworth, Ben

Moreover, the show is based on a series of 21 novels by Robyn Carr.


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