The 20th season of NCIS sets up a big departure for a major character.

In the episode "Guardian," there are hints that a long-time cast member may leave the CBS crime drama in Season 20. Who could possibly be coming? 

Fans are used to cast changes on NCIS because the show has been on for 20 years. Gibbs' departure was the hardest, and it was sad that he wasn't even mentioned in the opening credits. But the departures of Kate, Abby, Ziva, Tony, and Bishop weren't much easier, and neither were those of a lot of other people. So, even though Season 20 has settled into a routine with the perfect replacement for Gibbs, people are worried about who might be next. 

Nick Torres is in for a rough time, as Season 20 has shown. A lot of fans think that Wilmer Valderrama's other upcoming commitments mean that he won't make it past this season. But "Guardian" gave the impression that NCIS is about to have another major character change. Also, it looks like Leon Vance, who is in charge of NCIS, may be leaving. 

Is Leon Vance bored with running NCIS? 

After Jimmy and Knight's relationship was thrown off track in the last episode, the NCIS team had even more personal drama. Director Vance's home was broken into, but he quickly took care of one of the thieves while the other two ran away. He had been a boxing champion, after all. It was clear very quickly that Vance was the target. Even so, he insisted on going to a conference that had already been planned in Berlin... So, Alden Parker decided that he would go with Vance to keep an eye on him.

Vance wasn't just there for work, though. He was interested in a woman he had worked with before, so he wanted to go see her. She almost died because of one of their earlier operations. While his friend was in the hospital, Vance told Parker everything. He talked about seeing old NCIS employees end up alone because they were so committed to their jobs. He was going through that exact thing. His wife had died, and his kids had left home. Even though he didn't say it, it was clear that he was lonely and looking for something more out of life. 

The story about Vance could have just been a way to get Vance and Parker to become friends. After all, they did go to a movie together in Berlin. But what was going on at home made it seem like there was more going on. Timothy McGee was put in charge of NCIS while Vance and Parker were out of the country. At first, he didn't like the job and tried to stay away from Vance's assistant, but as the episode went on, he started to change his mind. 

McGee didn't take long to start to fit into the role. He even told Jimmy that in the future, he wouldn't mind being Director. He wasn't trying to take Vance's job, and the writers of NCIS made a point of saying that his position as Director was only temporary. Still, McGee was beginning to look at ease in the Director's chair. Since Jenny Shepard died at the end of Season 5, Vance has been in charge. He will have to leave at some point, though, and McGee will be ready to take over. 

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