Creators of "Cobra Kai" hint at a possible delay for Season 6, if Johnny could become a "girl dad," and more.

Cobra Kai came back for its fifth season on September 9, and since then, the popular show has taken the top spot on Netflix's top 10 list and doesn't look like it's going to slow down. 

Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg are in high demand because of how successful their series are. The three are currently working on their upcoming Netflix series, Obliterated, which is a "high-octane" action-comedy about an elite special forces team that stops a deadly threat to Las Vegas.

Heald, Hurwitz, and Schlossberg are also working on a movie called Sam and Victor's Day Off for Paramount Pictures. This is a spinoff of Ferris Bueller's Day Off about the valet drivers who went on a joyride in the John Hughes movie. 

Cobra Kai has not yet been renewed for a sixth season, so could it be put off? 

Hurwitz said in a recent interview, "We're still working all that out with Sony and Netflix, and we don't have an official Season 6 to announce yet." "What we can say is that we think about these characters all the time. Right now, we are making Obliterated for Sony and Netflix. We've been working on it for a month now, and I think it's going to blow people's minds. But we're hoping that there will be more Cobra Kai coming up. We may have to wait a little longer because we're still working on that other show, but it won't be long if everything goes as planned." 

He went on to say, "As for the Ferris Bueller project, we are so excited to be making that. We love Bill Posley, a great writer who has worked with us on Cobra Kai. He has a great take on the story. It's fun to jump into the world created by John Hughes and see a side of it we haven't seen before. Sam and Victor, who were the valets in the first Ferris Bueller movie, show us that side. 

We love side characters and love to see what's going on in their worlds, so that will be a fun one when we get to it. But that won't change anything about the Cobra Kai from now on. It's really about working on Obliterated, finishing production there, and then figuring out how to make more Cobra Kai. 

Since Season 5 didn't end with a typical cliffhanger, fans should be able to wait a little longer than usual for more episodes. A lot of loose ends were tied off by the end of a season that was mostly about healing and put together some unlikely pairs. 

At least part of what makes Cobra Kai so magical is seeing old enemies learn to respect each other's points of view and become friends and family. 

"Rivalry is a big part of this show, and there's been a lot of it with the younger characters, from Miguel [Xolo Mariduea] and Robby [Tanner Buchanan] to Sam [Mary Mouser] and Tory [Peyton List]. It goes back to the original rivalry between Johnny [William Zabka] and Daniel [Ralph Macchio]. We liked the idea that even though we repeat a lot of things, not every generation gets to learn from the one before. The hope has been that Sam, Tory, Miguel, and Robby can have a better senior year than Johnny and Daniel did," Schlossberg said. 

In Season 5, Daniel went out to a nightclub with Johnny, who is going to have a baby with Miguel's mom Carmen (Vanessa Rubio), and Chozen (Yuji Okumoto). Yes, Daniel, Johnny, and Chozen, you've got to be kidding! 

Heald said, "We knew from the first time we talked to Yuji in Season 3 how important he would become to this show." "He was such an important character in the original series, but like Johnny and Kreese [Martin Kove], it's Daniel's story, and he only gets to play one note. We started to learn more about what makes adult Chozen tick in Season 3, but it was the decision at the end of Season 4 to bring him back and make him feel like an assassin who's come to the valley to kill all of Daniel's enemies that really made him stand out. 

We couldn't ignore the news about Johnny and Carmen, which we hope will lead to a wedding in the future. Could this be the turning point in Johnny's life? 

"Maybe Johnny will get it right the third time around," Heald teased. "He messed up his son, and he feels a lot of regret and anger at himself for how he acted as an unprepared father. He's had a mostly good but sometimes rough relationship with Miguel because he hasn't always done or said the right thing. He's also worried that he's not always the best mentor, but in the end, these two keep coming back to each other, and we're feeling really good about that. 

He added, "But Johnny and Carmen, she's been a breath of fresh air in his life, one of the only things that brings him back to reality and gives him someone to really connect with who isn't as involved in the karate wars as he is." We didn't want to try to find ways to mess that up. We think it's great that they're having a baby for Johnny. 

And if you also want Johnny to have a daughter, you're not the only one. But the three of them are keeping that information secret until they are ready to write the future of Cobra Kai. 

"We'll see," all three of them said at once.


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