Black Sherif's late girlfriend's father speaks.

Mr. Clement Kofi Adu Bofour, the father of Black Sherif's late girlfriend, has accused the young musician of having something to do with her death because he dedicated the song "Oh Paradise" from his album "The Villain I Never Was" to her.

In an interview, Mr. Clement complained about how Black Sherif is using the name of her late daughter to try to get more power, which he thinks is very insensitive.

The angry father said that Black Sherif should formally introduce himself to the family or he would get in trouble.

In the interview, he also said that it bothers him that Black Sherif is making money off the name of his late daughter.

"I'm fine without his money. I can take care of myself, as you can see. Black Sherif isn't the one who feeds me, but I'm angry that he's ruining her reputation in public.

"He's ruining the name of my daughter because you say she was your girlfriend, but she wasn't your lover. She was still in school and not old enough to work. How did you start dating her?"

Mr. Bofour said that he will hold Black Sherif responsible for the death of his daughter if he doesn't come and meet the rest of the family.

"When she died, neither you (Black Sherif) nor a member of your family came to mourn with ours. You didn't tell anyone who you were. You told everyone that she was your girlfriend five years after she had died.

"I want him to come tell us how he fell in love with my daughter. If not, I can say that he had something to do with the death of my daughter. You said she is your lover, so I will say it that way. Where did you come from? And if you look at what happened before she died. Yes, many people did die in the school, but when we took her to the hospital, she was still alive and showed no signs that she was about to die. She was even sent home by the doctor, but he told her to stay one more night so he could watch her and send her home the next day. She died at dawn, though."

But Mr. Clement Bofour said he might be able to forgive Black Sherif if he gives a good reason for what he did.

"You didn't come to our house when she died. I did not see you, whether you came or not. You are suddenly writing songs about her. So, why won't I tell you that you know something about her death? I'm a person, so if what he says makes sense. I'll let it go."

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