After years of being unemployed, a Ghanaian with a first-class degree was forced to sell "bofrot."

Ghanaian graduate Priscila Akwagu has turned to selling "bofrot" (buff load) to make money. 

After being out of work for years, Priscila had no choice but to go back to his village and start a small business. 

In an exclusive JOY FM report, Priscila Akwagu said that even though she got a first-class degree, she has had trouble getting a job after national service. This is why she has to sell things on the side of the road. 

Priscilla said that as a single mother with a lot of responsibilities, she had no choice but to use her business skills. 

Priscilla Akwagu said the following in the report: 

"I finished junior high in 2007. After school, I found out I was going to have my first daughter. At the time, I was 17. So after I gave birth, I had to care for her. So, when she was three, in 2012" 

"I chose to return to school. Because I had a child, I didn't know what school to go to." 

"So, I went to Atebubu and asked a man for directions to the headmistress. She didn't want to do it because girls like me always got pregnant again. 

"But she changed her mind later and let me into the school. I didn't know how to balance work and school. 

"I lived in Kumasi with my brother. Where was my mom? So I started hawking in Kumasi. I used to work at a chop bar and sell sugar cane. My brother and I sometimes eat what's left over to get by. 

"I used to clean up and wash the dishes at the chop bar." 

"My mother used to sell "bofrot," and she had bills to pay. So I thought it would be smart to come take over from her and pay off the debts. 

"The business made money, which helped me pay off her debts." 

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