“She’s not for sale” – Joe Ghartey gives daughter out for free, rejects bride price

Joe Ghartey, who is a member of parliament for Essikado-Ketan, turned down the groom's offer of a bride price for her daughter, saying that "she is not for sale."

As the father of the bride, Joe Ghartey turned down the dowry and other items that were needed. Instead, he took only the ring and a Bible.

In the video of the ceremony, the former Attorney-General and Second Deputy Speaker said that he started the tradition when he married his wife and gave the same things to her family.

He went on to say that he didn't want to add any more stress to the couple's life as they started their family. He tells her that the most important thing to him is that their marriage is happy and lasts

"May God bless you, Ewurama. The family of your husband brought the Bible and the ring. I only took a ring and a Bible with me when I went to ask your mother's family for her hand in marriage."

"If you and your husband have kids, you can keep this tradition going if you want to. Even if I'm gone by then, it's still okay to do that. I can't force either of you to do it. You are taking this trip together."

The bridegroom and his family thanked the Hon. Ghartey and said how happy they were to be able to join his family.

The person from the family of the groom explained why the father of the bride made such a strange request.

"When we went to see our father, Joe Ghartey, to ask for his daughter's hand in marriage, we had one of the most interesting talks. He said that the couple had just had a baby and he didn't want to make things harder for them. He only asked for a Bible to help him through hard times and a wedding band to show that this woman is married.

All he wanted was that. He also said that he wouldn't accept anything except the Bible and the ring. Because we cared about the woman, we did what she asked. If you see us today, it's because we have everything we need to ask for her hand in marriage.

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