Power Book II: Ghost season III premiere date and New questions


We'd welcome a Power Book II: Ghost season 2 premiere date as soon as humanly possible, as is undoubtedly obvious to most folks out there. But are there certain factors making us doubt whether we'll be receiving it soon? 

In order to set the stage, let's first discuss the setting of this tale: This past weekend, it was made known that the new Step Up season will debut on Sunday, October 16. It seems like the network's upcoming few months may be a little more challenging between this show, Power Book III: Raising Kanan, The Serpent Queen, and The BMF Documentary. What does that signify for the Michael Rainey Jr. series and how long will it last? 

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This date for Step Up indicates that Ghost's premiere may still be a ways off, but it's not necessarily so far off that the program won't return this year. At the end of October, The Serpent Queen will wrap up its run, perhaps leaving a gap in the timetable for Book II to finally fill. Also keep in mind that Raising Kanan's own season is nearly halfway through. 

Personally, we still believe that Ghost will return to the air at some time in November, and it will take a lot of work to persuade us otherwise. Simply put, this seems like the kind of program that would be ideal for them to end the year with, especially because the fall and early winter are important TV viewing seasons and this is one of the most well-liked programs in the fall world. Personally, we also believe that it has significantly changed over time. 

When it comes to a Power Book II: Ghost season 2 premiere date, what do you most want to see? 

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