LeBron James dances like no one is watching at a Kendrick Lamar concert.


At a Kendrick Lamar concert in Vancouver, Canada, on Sunday night, LeBron James was seen dancing like he was crazy on the dance floor. 

James, who is 37, was with his wife Savannah James, and it looked like they were still celebrating her birthday from the day before. 

This video from Rogers Arena shows that King James has always been a big fan of King Kendrick Lamer. 

Some people say that James's honesty is because he's been drinking, but it could just be the Kendrick effect. 

Kendrick is currently on tour for "Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers," his most recent studio album. 

Savannah James and LeBron James dancing 

Even though Kendrick Lamar has a show coming up in Los Angeles in a couple of weeks, LeBron flew out to Vancouver to see him because he is such a fan.


LeBron and Savannah were seen dancing together, and when they were spotted, they started talking to the crowd. 

James went to a party for his wife's birthday the day before. She looked great in her outfit. 

Mark Jackson's comments about LeBron's wife were misunderstood, and NBA Twitter brought them up. That's when the video of her looking good went viral.


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