I was sick of his alcoholism, so I took my husband to the mortuary when he got drunk, a woman claims.

When my husband got drunk, I took him to the mortuary because I was weary of his drinking, a lady alleges. 

"I had to continuously get my husband from the streets because he was mistreating me so badly. He would be so frail that I would have to bring him inside. 

My family pleaded with me to divorce him, but I wasn't sure he would. 

I decided to take independent action after putting up with this conduct for such a long time. and made the decision to act. 

One evening, after he had fallen and became unconscious in the gutter, I went to get him. I chose to transport him to the Mortuary. 

I asked for a bed in one of the employees' refrigerators, and they gave it to me. whether or not I paid for it. 

The next day, he was left there in amongst the corpses. The cold rouse him up, and he observed the morgue staff placing remains in refrigerators. 

To let them know he was still alive, he started to scream. The worker pretended he wasn't there. He started beating the husband and screamed, "You corpses that come here to practice witchcraft and be obnoxious, go lie down there." 

He asked to be released till they let him go. As of the time of writing, my spouse has maintained his sobriety and has no desire to start drinking again." 

Source: VoiceOfTamale 

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