Yellowstone: Kelly Reilly Talks About Rip and Beth's Marriage and Using Jamie in Season 5

Kelly Reilly, who will play human tornado Beth Dutton in Yellowstone's forthcoming fifth season, says on the phone to TV Guide Magazine from the Montana set, "I've missed playing this character. 

In the neo-record-breaking Western's January finale, viewers last encountered the biz-whiz, a brazen, tough daughter who will stop at nothing to keep her wealthy cattleman father, John (Kevin Costner), and their expansive ranch. But ever since the group finished filming that episode in 2020, Reilly hasn't worn Beth's boots. 

She exclaims, "I'm so happy to be back," as she remarks on how amazing it is that the mountains in the Bitterroot Valley still have snow on them in May. Don't worry; things are going to get hot. 

The runaway hit on Paramount Network will have its longest season yet with 14 episodes split into two parts, premiering November 13. The British actress has already read the first six scripts. Reilly says, "Beth is entering this feeling very comfortable about everything." She is optimistic that things will be handled more effectively. 

The fact that Jamie (Wes Bentley), Beth's adoptive brother and acting attorney general, is now under her control is one of the reasons for the optimism. She forced him to shoot his biological father, who had ordered a hit on the Duttons, in the Season 4 finale, and then she took a picture of him throwing the body away. According to Reilly, "there's a little bit of the early dynamic returning to the show, where they have to cooperate." "[Beth and John] are employing Jamie to carry out tasks that they are unable to carry out on their own. He must work for the family, they need him. It's like being employed by the mob. 

Or perhaps for Montana's incoming governor? We'll have to wait and see if John's bid for office is impacted by the secrets kept by the Duttons. To protect their property from pushy land speculators and developers, the family has killed and lied. And they truly enrage their adversaries (those who stay alive). When the ranch home was still standing, Market Equities CEO Caroline Warner (Jacki Weaver) vowed to Beth that she would construct a bathroom there and throw her in jail. 

Reilly declares, referring to Beth's fearsome old employer, "Caroline is back." She also has friends. They are aware of what the Duttons are doing and won't take it lightly. 

Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser), the ranch foreman, is a devoted and deadly ally for Beth and John. In the season finale, Beth wed her longtime partner while wearing the slinky gold dress she'd worn to threaten a prisoner. She hurried to the ranch and abducted a priest en route. The chain-mail eyepopper, which Reilly discovered on the internet, is still being discussed by fifteen million viewers. She laughs, "I was thinking, 'What's the most gangster-moll dress I can have?'" At the fitting, she began to doubt her ability to "pull this off," so she called the co-creator of the show, Taylor Sheridan, to suggest a different approach: Taylor might think it would be wonderful if she hurries home, enters her father's closet, and dons her mother's wedding gown. He said, "Nah." I understand now: Beth could care less about what others think of her. She helps me act more bravely. 

Season 5 begins with Beth and Rip happily married. They're in a lovely, stable situation, Reilly observes. She finds it amazing that he is now, at last, her spouse and her lifelong companion. She thinks marriage is a good thing. Has it subdued her? No.” Additionally, it hasn't increased her likelihood to accept Carter (Finn Little), the mischievous child staying with them, calling her "mother." Reilly retorts, "That is a Pandora's box being opened." 

Season 5 of Yellowstone, which has already seen seasons 1-4, will premiere on November 13 on the Paramount Network. 

This is a condensed version of Kelly Reilly's most recent TV Guide Magazine cover article. Get the issue, which will be available on newsstands on June 9 for additional information on Yellowstone Season 5, and make sure to get TVGM's Yellowstone Special Collector's Issue, which is currently available.


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