The Game Talks About Kendrick Lamar's Supposed Diss To Drake On "100"

 According to The Game, he wouldn't have released "100" if he had believed Drake was trying to criticize Kendrick Lamar. 

The Game claims that he didn't believe that Drake was subtly criticizing Kendrick Lamar in their 2015 song "100," but in the end, "it's all good Hip Hop." Before releasing his upcoming album, Drillmatic: Heart vs. Mind, The Game spoke with HipHopDX on the combative nature of rap. 

When questioned if he felt that Lamar was the subject of the lyrics, he responded, "I didn't feel like that." And if I had, I never would have released the song. Kendrick is my brother, and as I've already stated, I adore him. However, Drake is one of the finest to ever subtly include something; therefore, if he did, it is hip hop. I believe that in the end, it's all good hip-hop because even Kendrick is lyrically capable of catching any stray and returning fire. It's not like Drake and Kendrick are about to start a street fight or anything of the sort." 

He said that the genre benefits from healthy competition: "I believe that would be amazing for Hip Hop if Drake was making subtle references to Kendrick in that song and Kendrick wants to respond in some way. Rap battles, even those that occur subtly in separate songs, can occasionally be beneficial for hip hop, in my opinion. Because it is a competition no matter how you look at it or how you think about it. Everyone aspires to have the one and only No. 1 spot at the top of the Billboard or any chart. 

While Kendrick Lamar and Drake worked together on "Poetic Justice" in 2012, their relationship has since been hazy. Although there have been several songs where they appear to be making subtle jabs at one another, including Lamar calling Drake out specifically in "Control," things have never gotten heated. 

The Game declined to directly respond to the question of whether rapper would be more prepared for a rap duel and instead said he'd "just enjoy being a fan of the moment and watching two of the greatest performers of all time perform." 

On August 12, Drillmatic: Heart vs. Mind will be released. 

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