In a sweet Instagram post, Justin Bieber and Hailey socialize with a friend's newborn baby

With his most recent beautiful social media post, Canadian pop star Justin Bieber has generated a lot of talk among his Instagram followers. 

Fans were in amazement as the Yummy hitmaker shared a precious photo of his friend Jason Kennedy's newborn kid Ryver Rhodes on Instagram.

The adorable kid, whom Justin and his wife Hailey affectionately referred to as their "nephew," was the focus of the most recent photo that he published. 

The 25-year-old model and 28-year-old pop star appeared to have baby fever while celebrating the Fourth of July with the cute youngster as they planted kisses on each of the child's cheeks. 

Justin can be seen wearing a striped button-down over a plain white t-shirt in a photo that was uploaded to the singer's Instagram account on Monday. His baseball cap is turned backward and is olive green. 

His wife looked comfortable with a fuzzy sweatshirt, hoop earrings, and a high ponytail pulled back over her light brown hair. 

Kennedy's son with Lauren Scruggs was being rocked by Hailey, who had no trouble calming him down. 

Justin posted a nice statement with a photo of the two cuddling up to Ryver in late April, promising to watch over the child "for life."


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