Kuame Eugene explains why he hasn't been getting enough sleep lately.

Eugene, one of Ghana's most talented musicians, has revealed why he hasn't been able to sleep recently. 

With back-to-back hit songs and awards under his belt, it's understandable that his personal life is a little jumbled as a result of his hectic business schedule. 

Kuami Eugene spoke with NY DJ Ryse and Shyne on Y102.5 FM's "Ryse and Shyne" about his busy schedule in recent months, which has undoubtedly affected his sleeping routine. 

"I was in Italy with Kidi for our show, then he returned home, and I traveled to London to promote a number of my features and other projects." I just stayed in Ghana for two days before heading to Nigeria for four days. 

I returned to Ghana on Sunday and had to board another flight to Kumasi right away because I was running late for Kotoko's coronation match. It's been difficult for several weeks, and I don't even get enough sleep," he explained. 

It's part of the job. I used to become sick because of the pressure, and I believe that was four years ago. I was always hot during the years I published Angela and the back-to-back hits. The issue is, every year I've been hot. 

You can have a year where you slow down and relax, but it's different for me since I sometimes have to consciously slow down and decide not to release any songs for six months. But you don't slow down for them because people still jam to my songs," he added.


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