50 Cent criticizes a Cameroonian rapper over a botched tattoo of him.

Show Yoh, a Cameroonian aspiring rapper, is being mocked on social media for his hideous back tattoo of 50 Cent. 

Show Yoh took to Instagram on Wednesday to show off his new tattoo: a massive image of the Fif that covers his entire back and looks nothing like the hip-hop tycoon. 

"Celebrate your role models and show them sincere love so that you can celebrate with them in the future!" he wrote in the caption. "At 50 cents, I'm demonstrating true love to my father." In the music world, my mentor." 

It wasn't long before 50 Cent heard about the viral shot, and the Get Rich or Die Tryin' rapper took to Instagram to express his thoughts on the shady tattoo. 

"What are you going to do, boy?" I'm looking for the best portrait tattoo artist to help me with this. @showyoh237 "Who did this jerk?" Along with a screenshot of Show Yoh's original post, 50 wrote. 

Show Yoh responded to Fif's reply with another Instagram post shortly after 50's post went public. He wrote, "Ohhh God!!!! G WTF!!!!" "I can't believe what I'm witnessing with my eyes. "Ma dad and all the way career just posted," says @50cent. 

"I accomplished all this for the love of the father and the inspiration u have impacted in me," Show Yoh added. Yes, I'm ready to get this fixed on Gad!" 

Hopefully, the ambitious African artist is able to have the obnoxious tattoo removed.


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