Tariq's Fate Could Have Been Foreshadowed in Season 2 of Power Book II: Ghost


Fans of Power Book II: Ghost are eager to learn how Tariq St. Patrick's story will conclude. The TV drama, which premieres in September 2020, follows him as he follows in the footsteps of his late father, Ghost, and becomes a drug dealer. 

To achieve his aims, he forms a collaboration with the Tejada crime family, but this leads to a lot of difficulty. 

Viewers are left wondering what will happen next. Is Tariq going to end up like Ghost? What happens if he doesn't? Given the amount of seasons that show creator Courtney Kemp has planned, it could be a while before they find out. But maybe Tariq's destiny is revealed in Power Book II: Ghost Season 2. 

Tariq's demise could have been hinted to in Season 1 of 'Power Book II: Ghost.' 

Tariq has progressed from a little boy in Power to a man in Ghost. His father used to tell him that he had a lot of promise. He simply refused to consider the possibility. However, with his street smarts, financial savvy, and contacts, he could go even further than his father. 

In Power Book II: Ghost Season 2, Davis Maclean saw this and told Tariq about it. When he visited with Davis in his office, he'd recently won his case despite the hurdles. During their conversation, Davis gave Tariq a big confidence boost by telling him that he may have a legitimate career one day, perhaps as a lawyer. 

Tariq has been taking major steps toward his future, taking college classes like canonical studies and rubbing shoulders with the best, despite the fact that he is still rather young. Perhaps this is all a harbinger of where he'll be in the coming years. 

Tariq's demise has also been speculated by fans. 

Someone speculated that he'll do "something related to Wall Street or a lawyer," as Davis suggested. There's also the possibility that Tariq will receive Truth in the future. He'll also graduate because the sole reason he's in college is to receive the inheritance Ghost left him." 

Another person stated that he would work in "Management Consulting and/or Finance and shift weight through the office / for some higher ups." 

"I believe he'll strive to reclaim Truth from Stern... 

If not, politics," stated a third supporter. 

In a future season, Tariq will have to make a "decision." 

Kemp hinted at what would happen to Tariq in the show prior. She told Entertainment Weekly that he'll meet a woman and have to pick between a life with her and a life on the streets at some time. 

"Somewhere in Tariq's future, there will be a woman who forces him to choose between the boardroom and the street," she said. "And that decision, and that woman, will become a really difficult conundrum for Tariq as time goes on." 

However, this is not the case in Power Book II: Ghost Season 3. "What I would tease for next season is that there will be fault lines established between Tariq and his pals, for various reasons," Kemp teased of the forthcoming season, ostensibly referring to Lauren Baldwin's death. "And then there will be some fault lines established inside the Tejada family as a result of it." 

"There will be a series of earthquakes, followed by a series of aftershocks that will shake the foundation and completely remake the series." Season three," she added.


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