In a new music video, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky get married.

A$AP Rocky and Rihanna In the music video for his new single, "D.M.B.," which was released on Thursday, Rocky ties the knot. 

Around the three-minute mark, the rapper, 33, pops the question, "Marry me?" to the singer, 34. 

Rihanna, who is wearing a crimson veil, responds with her own grill, which reads, "I do." 

A group of people can be seen throwing flower petals at the pair near the end of the video, which is similar to when newlyweds go down the aisle after their wedding. 

It's uncertain whether the music video is simply artistic expression or life imitated art. 

In actual life, Rihanna and Rocky have not declared their marriage. Page Six's request for comment was not immediately returned. 

The footage, however, appears to have been shot about a year ago. 

The "Diamonds" singer is not pregnant in any of the scenes, and she and Rocky are dressed in the same clothing they wore during a shoot in the Bronx in July 2021. 

Rihanna ignited engagement rumors in February when she was photographed wearing a diamond ring on her left hand while shopping. 

She was evasive at the moment when asked about the sparkler, telling reporters in Los Angeles, "This old ring? You act as if you've never seen this ring before." 

The pair is expecting their first child any day now, and the Savage x Fenty CEO and "F–kin Problems" rapper recently celebrated with a rave-themed shower. 

Rocky was arrested at LAX on April 20 in connection with a shooting that occurred last year, prompting the neon celebration. When he was detained, he had just returned from a highly publicized trip to Barbados with Rihanna, following a disproved cheating scandal. 

Since early 2020, Rocky and Rihanna have been dating.


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