Give us the power to demolish illegal structures to put an end to the menace - NADMO to the government

The National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) has pleaded with the event to give them the authority to demolish unlawful structures on waterways that contribute to Accra's annual floods. 

According to NADMO, they can only contain the issue if they have legal backing; else, the threat will continue until 'thy kingdom come.' 

According to Abu Ramadan, a NADMO official who appeared on Citi TV's Face to Face show, the time has come for NADMO to be given the necessary rights to demolish structures that hinder the free flow of water, because local governments have done too little in this regard. 

"As a coordinating agency, we don't have a lot of options. We can only provide advice or solutions, as well as facilitate. 

I believe we would have demolished buildings if the law had given us the authority to move an excavator," he added.

In other news:

Following the current floods in Accra, which have added to the city's long history of being swamped anytime there is a persistent heavy downpour, a vintage video of President Akufo Addo on how to cope with the threat has surfaced. 

The same old story of destruction to life and property has been recorded once again during a severe downpour that began on Saturday and lasted four days. 

In a throwback video, Ghana's president, Nana Akufo Addo, stated that he will not use the country's resources to tackle the yearly disaster until Ghanaians change their mindset, which includes tossing trash into gutters, which adds significantly to the annual tragedy. 

“We want this, we want that but the attitudinal change that will enable us to bring value to these demands that is always left out. Up till today, whiles the Odor river is being dredged, there are still people at home when the rains come think that the easiest way to deal with dirt in the house is to throw it out into the gutter.

Those things have to come to a stop. We all have to speak to each other to bring those things to a stop because if we don’t, no matter the investment that we make at the end of the day we will be back to square one and I’m not prepared to spend your money in that way again”.

Watch the video below: 


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