Rick Ross unwittingly made a viral moment when he stepped off DC YoungFly's 85 South Show in December 2021. The MMG magnate vanished for a restroom break and never reappeared.

Rozay appeared on The Breakfast Club on Monday (April 25) to talk about his quick getaway from the 85 South, stating that it was just a simple mental mistake that got him out the door.

He explained, "I suppose I was just in a zone." "I was completely smoked out and in a zone." I just ease out that......' when I'm in a zone and get one of those money calls. To be honest, it was already all over the internet when I found out about it.

"I'm not even aware of it." I went to the bathroom, talked on the phone, and had a cigarette. You simply step outside and walk away. They're my little homies as well, and it was a fun interview. We smoking and chilling.

Rick Ross was reminiscing about some of his early successes like "Hustlin'" during his brief appearance on the 85 South podcast before excused himself to go the restroom and never return. Needless to say, the hosts were taken aback when they realized he had actually left the premises and would not be returning.

"How come we don't have any dap?" DC With a chuckle, Young Fly inquired. "How's he going to just vanish on a bro like that?" We ain't even going to say goodbye!" "That bro The Phantom of the Opera," co-host Chico Bean added. I'll tell you one thing: that's why i left."

Meanwhile, comedian Corey Holcomb speculated that Ross departed the building after discovering that none of the hosts were g@y.

On Darlene Ortiz's Loose Talk About All podcast, he said, "That youngster walked up at the 85 South Show and realized ain't none of these people." "I'm leaving... he was surrounded by heterosexuals." That's not something anyone should say. We all know what it is, bro. You're all upset with me, guys. Let me tell you something, bro.

"If Rick Ross is reading this, I have some advice for him: stop employing drivers." Drivers are always on your tail, dude. "I know what happened with the boy at LAX."

Rick Ross stayed for the entire 40-minute Breakfast Club discussion, in which he discussed his impending auto show, lucrative investments, and other topics.

Source: HiphopDX

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