Angry man storms bank, carries printer over refusal to refund his money (video)

The dramatic incident is reported to have happened in Asaba town, Nigeria’s Delta State.

A video making the rounds online shows the unhappy man lifting the printer and walking away with it while daring the bank staff to call security officers if they wanted.

Other customers in the banking hall are heard laughing as the man carries the printer and attempts to exit with it.

Another customer is seen approaching and pleading with him not to carry the printer away. Then, while opening the bank's door to exit, one of the staff also approached the angry man to talk him out of carrying through with his threat.

He then put down the printer and asked repeatedly whether the staff were ready to attend to him or if he should leave with their printer.

This is not the first time such dramatic scenes have been recorded in a banking hall.

A similar drama ensued at the premises of a bank in July 2020 after an unhappy lady whose account was allegedly debited stormed the financial institution with her fetish priest boyfriend and his assistant.

A video of the scene was circulated on social media in which the lady and her team of fetish priests were seen standing outside of the bank premises together with other customers waiting to have access to the facility.

The man who made the video of the incident said the lady’s account with the unnamed bank was debited, so she brought her fetish priest (‘Babalawo’) boyfriend to fight for her.

The impatient priest is seen peeping through as if he couldn’t wait to enter and make his case.

Unfortunately, the bank reportedly denied the lady and her native doctors access.


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