Martin Amidu fires Nana Addo once again – Says he’s running a “democratic-autocratic’ system

Ghana’s former special prosecutor, Martin Amidu has hit hard at Nana Addo once again.

According to Martin Amidu who doesn’t mince words to address the issues in the country, since January 2017, the Akufo-Addo administration has been characterized by arrogance and abuse of authority.

Commenting on the recent uproar in parliament over the 2022 budget, Martin Amidu opined that president Akufo-government Addo’s gives the air of being democratic, but it is clear that he is conducting a self-styled “democratic-autocratic governance.”

Mr Amidu cited the flawed Agyapa Royalties Agreement, claiming it was adopted “hurriedly” despite the fact that the Minority in Parliament had staged a walkout and so was not present.

Whiles speaking in an interview with Joy News, Martin Amidu is reported to have said;

“The Agyapa Transaction Agreements, for instance, is an exemplified display of the arrogance and impunity of power by this government when it stuck to its position to complete the listing of Agyapa Royalties Limited on the London Stock Exchange by December 30, 2020, even after the most affected stakeholders, including the Chiefs as custodian of the nation’s lands, raised reasoned objections to the unaccountable and opaque manner the government obtained the parliamentary approval without prior consultations with the Chiefs and people.”

“It was only over these damning objections that the government pretended to start consultations with stakeholders while insisting that the listing of the Agyapa Royalties Limited on the London Stock Exchange on or before the due date in December 2020 was not for negotiation. It had to take the Agyapa Royalties Anti-Corruption Risk Assessment Report and the audaciousness of a Special Prosecutor not to shelve the report for the government to swallow humble pie and save face by pretending to refer the Agreements for reconsideration by the Parliament that approved it,” 


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