Alhaji Mohammed Mashud has been named the National Best Farmer for 2021.

A 44- time-old Alhaji Mohammed Mashud from the Northern region has been culminated as the National Best Farmer for 2021. 
 For his prize, Alhaji Mashud would get GH ¢ cash and a GH ¢ insurance cover. 
 The first runner up, Suleman Yidana from the North East Region would admit a tractor and slice plough, GH ¢ insurance cover, a study trip to Israel and a sprayer. 

 The alternate runner over, Rev Samuel Sida from the Ahafo Region also entered a Nissan Navara volley and a GH ¢ insurance cover. 
 The Stylish fisher award went to Mr Kweku Ehun of the Gomoa East quarter of the Central Region who entered a two-bedroom house to be erected at a position of his choice. Other indigenous award winners were also awarded. 

 The awards form was introduced to award the nation's hard working and gallant growers and fishermen for their estimable and meritorious donation to the nation's food security. 
 This time's fests was on the theme" Planting for Food and Jobs-Consolidating Food Systems in Ghana was graced by the President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and minsiters state from the regions. 
As beforehand as 7 am, hundreds of people from each over the country flocked to the Adisadel College Park to join the fests. 
 The Park which from Monday November 29 has been host to the Agricultural Fair and the colorful Regional Focus days saw much advanced patronage as the fests was capped. 
 In all 165 growers and fishers were awarded at the form. 

 Alhaji Mashud said it was important that government worked to accelerate sweats at demobilizing husbandry to make the sector more seductive for the youth. 
 He said it was time to support the original husbandry sector to produce further to the nation and redundant for exports to reduce the food importation burden on the country. 
Mr Ehun called for strict sweats at stopping all forms of illegalities in the sector to sustain the fisheries. 

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