Tragic Accident On Accra-Tema Motorway Claims the Lives of Twelve Individuals

Unfortunately, there has been a tragic accident on the Accra-Tema motorway resulting in the loss of twelve lives.

The accident took place on Friday evening and involved a 'trotro vehicle.

Based on reports, unfortunately, twelve individuals in the trotro tragically lost their lives.

A considerate social media user happened to come across a tragic accident that caused a significant traffic jam on the motorway. They decided to capture a photo of the incident and shared it online.

Oh my goodness! There was an accident on the Tema motorway recently, resulting in the unfortunate loss of 12 lives. 😭 This was shared by user PRESIDER (@iam_presider) on X (formerly Twitter).

Please take a moment to read the post below...May all those who have passed away find eternal peace.Reactions to the accident were expected, given the condition of the motorway.

Could the Roads and Transport Ministry perhaps prioritise the Motorway and find effective solutions for the interim? Would it be possible to consider reducing the speed limit initially and ensuring its enforcement? A netizen asked politely.

Another person expressed their negative opinion about the country, suggesting that there are many issues to be concerned about.

 They also made a sarcastic comment about someone's sense of humour. The leaders are not currently making any efforts to reconstruct the road again.


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