'Raising Kanan' Season 3, Episode 8: Ronnie must go

We have a busy agenda for today's class, so we will be moving quickly through some topics to focus on the two most significant individuals of this season of "Raising Kanan," Ronnie and Uncle Marvin. 

Kanan has been quite bothersome to me lately. It is quite unfortunate that he evicted Famous from his own flat (I am still trying to comprehend how this is even feasible).

 Moreover, he is displaying disorderly behaviour by making threats to disrupt the harmony within Jukebox's aspiring singing group, Butta. Kanan was being overly familiar with Iesha, also known as Pukebox (apologies, I find that amusing), during their time at the movies, and she was not comfortable with it. Instead of showing kindness, Kanan decides to let her go home alone on the train. Insufficient. 

However, rather than avoiding unnecessary conflicts, he persists in his careless behaviour. When Crystal, another bothersome and disorganised member of the group, invites him to hang out, he readily agrees. There is a reason why Butta's breakthrough single from 1994 was never released, and that reason is Kanan. Jade, Brownstone, and SWV express their gratitude.

 Just wanted to mention that the jukebox is over Kanan, by the way. I really appreciate how she fearlessly stands up to him (and Ronnie) and puts him in his place in front of Ronnie. It is evident from the way he treated Jukebox in "Power" that he showed a considerable amount of respect towards her, before the unfortunate incident occurred. It would be interesting if Jukebox could witness the current state of her life, which I find quite amusing. I apologise for any unintended consequences. Shall we proceed?

Det. Howard deserves recognition for the exceptional level of support he is offering Raquel as she navigates her way back into the drug trade and seeks his guidance.

 Although he may have some questionable actions, it's worth noting that he consistently finds himself in advantageous situations. Additionally, his ability to prevent Scrap's mother from causing chaos at the police station is quite impressive. Perfection. It would be nice if Howard received a gift certificate to McDowell's or something similar. 

Hello there. I am shaking my head. That is the extent of my commentary regarding him. I'm sorry, but that statement is incorrect. Lou, I kindly suggest that Famous' flow on the song you all made could benefit from some improvement. It might be worth considering doing it over. 

The song you're referring to is "I Seen a Man Die" from Scarface's album "The Diary" released in 1994. It's a bit unclear which year "Raising Kanan" is set in, but it's worth noting that "The Diary" was released in October 1994 and the song in question bears a striking resemblance to it. It seems as though Scarface recorded a song about Famous, who in turn recorded a song about himself.

 Perhaps Scarface came across Famous's song on a tape that someone had discovered, and then he returned to Houston and created his own version. Let me consult with Mike Dean. I will not.Now onto the two most captivating individuals this season. Shall we begin with Ronnie? Ronnie, despite his quiet nature and responsible habits, is someone I am eagerly anticipating to no longer be around.

 I am eagerly anticipating it. He is observing Pernessa from a distance, making veiled threats towards individuals, but only if they happen to be well-known.That scene with Famous was quite remarkable, to say the least. As Famous is preparing to leave his flat with Kanan to return home, Ronnie expresses curiosity about why Famous' mother would want him to go back. 

With a peculiar assortment of sentences and questions, Ronnie managed to make me feel uneasy. I was unsure about how to answer any of those questions correctly. It was quite unsettling. I would appreciate it if you could provide me with more information about this scene. Is there a script available? Were Ronnie and Famous given separate scripts and instructed to see what unfolds?

 I sympathised deeply with Famous in that particular scene, as the sheer madness of it led me to believe that Ronnie was on the verge of causing him harm. I also strongly disliked Kanan for not intervening. Although he currently refrains from interfering with Kanan, he still maintains a strong bond with him. I find Kanan to be quite bothersome. Anyway, I sincerely hope that Famous doesn't pass away.

Could you please respond promptly, Ronnie and Juliana? How can I assist you? Ronnie appears to have a very low interest in romantic or sexual relationships. 

I'm having trouble comprehending that attraction. Ronnie doesn't appear to share the same enthusiasm; during Juliana's attempt to seduce him, he remained in the same position, seemingly waiting for it to come to an end. Unusual. Anyway, I hope Ronnie meets his demise soon. 


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