Due to improper property management, the landlady at Mepom Barracks threatens to evict the police officers.

Landowners who generously provided their land for the construction of the Mepom Police Station and Police Bungalow have expressed their disappointment in the management of the place by the police officers. 

According to the landowners, the police officers occupying the area have not been effectively maintaining the place, resulting in its deterioration. 

The family head, Obaapanyin Gladys Ampiyaa, expresses that the family was ready to reclaim their property, however, it seems that the officers were not adequately equipped to handle the management of the place. 

She expressed her concern about the current condition of the place, mentioning that it is overgrown with weeds and that the officers have declined to clean it. She has kindly requested the Inspector General of Police to intervene, should he wish for his officers to continue residing at the barracks and operating the police station. 

She mentioned that in the more than 30 years they have had control of the place, no renovations have been carried out. 

In addition, she mentioned that a few of the officers have chosen to keep their rooms locked for the past seven years without using them. 

She also mentioned that her late father entrusted them with the place, but unfortunately, they were unable to effectively manage the facility. 

I have some concerns about their management of the place. I kindly request the IGP to consider deploying his officers to another location. 

 The area is filled with an abundance of vegetation. They ensure the rooms are securely locked and have difficulty sleeping. I am not engaging in a dispute with them, but they have not effectively managed the place. If the place had been entrusted to civilians, they would have effectively managed it. 

Meanwhile, Yaw Frimpong from the Mepom Abusuapenin also shared his disappointment in the MCE. 

He mentioned that the MCE in the area, Eugene Sackey, had made a commitment to build a new police station and barracks. 

However, despite being allocated land for the project, it has not yet commenced. According to him, the officers who serve the community do not reside in the area, with the exception of one individual. 

According to him, the officers choose not to sleep in the area or the facility due to ongoing concerns about the landlady's threats of eviction. 


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