Melissa Gilbert Shares Her Secrets to Looking and Feeling Great at 59

Melissa Gilbert, who is currently 59 years old, shares insights into her personal practises for maintaining optimal well-being as she progresses through the ageing process.

The renowned actress from "The Little House on the Prairie" shares insights into her approach to maintaining a well-nourished body through a combination of nutrition and exercise.

"As I have grown older, I have become increasingly conscious of the exercise regimen I engage in," Gilbert shares with Prevention.Melissa Gilbert expresses her opinions candidly. The actress from "The Little House on the Prairie" demonstrates a willingness to engage in candid discussions, as evidenced by her previous disclosures regarding colonoscopy preparation, utilisation of Botox and fillers, and embracing the natural process of greying hair.

 During the interview with Prevention, the celebrity openly discussed topics related to nutrition, exercise, and ageing, which was expected given Gilbert's candid nature. In the following discussion, the individual responsible for the creation of Modern Prairie candidly addresses the topic of ageing and provides insights into her personal practises for maintaining optimal well-being.

She adheres to a flexitarian diet.

Gilbert and her spouse prioritise consuming a menu that emphasises vegetables. We adhere to a flexitarian approach, prioritising a diet that is predominantly plant-based, with a strong emphasis on vegetables and fruits. 

According to Gilbert, adopting this lifestyle has resulted in a significant improvement in overall well-being. As an individual who experienced childhood during the 1960s and 1970s, particularly the 1970s, I observed that meat, potatoes, and vegetables were often considered as supplementary components of a meal. However, my perspective has changed in recent times. Currently, I consider vegetables to be the primary component of my meal, while protein serves as a complementary side dish.

She refrains from denying herself.

While certain celebrities may choose to adhere to a strict meal plan, Gilbert adopts a distinct approach. I have a strong affinity for food and thoroughly enjoy the act of consuming it. I strategically plan my meals in advance, considering both future events and my personal food preferences," she states. I do not restrict myself from indulging in any particular food, but I am conscious of the potential consequences of consuming excessive amounts. Therefore, I make an effort to maintain a balanced approach to my dietary choices. 

I avoid consuming artificial sweeteners, margarine, and other food products that contain a significant amount of chemical additives. I have a preference for foods that are not heavily processed.She expresses a heightened level of awareness regarding the origin of her fruits and vegetables. "I have a preference for items that are not mass-produced and commonly found in grocery stores," she states. Indeed, she asserts that she has cultivated her own assortment of fruits and vegetables. However, she expresses a preference for actively contributing to the support of local farmers and the local economy through her choice to shop locally.

She demonstrates a heightened awareness of physical motion.

However, the star recognises that diet is just one component of overall wellness. She expresses that as she grows older, she has become more discerning in her selection of movements. 

As I advance in age, I have become increasingly conscious of the exercises I engage in. "I am currently not participating in kickboxing classes, but I am actively engaging in yoga or walking exercises," she states. I am seeking to engage in exercises that promote both flexibility and strength, while also providing support for my bones, which may experience a gradual increase in fragility during this stage of my life.

She places a high priority on preventive care.

"I undergo routine skin examinations," she states. I monitor and document the presence of moles, bumps, and any changes in skin pigmentation. I consume a significant amount of water. I prioritise the care and protection of my skin.

In addition to regular skin checks, she is proactively monitoring her entire body by choosing to undergo a comprehensive whole-body scan. This approach allows her to establish a baseline for future reference, ensuring any potential issues can be promptly identified. "I underwent a Prenovo scan," she states. Prenovo is a comprehensive magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan that patients opt to privately finance. As an individual who has been adopted, I lack a comprehensive health history. 

Consequently, I am interested in obtaining a baseline health assessment to ensure that both my physician and I are well-informed about my overall physical well-being. In the event of any alterations, we can assert that the observed element was not present during the time of the scan. Regarding the knowledge acquired from the preventive measure, "I am currently in excellent physical condition," she states.

She is engaged in the pursuit of happiness.

The celebrity has expressed their thoughts on the topic of ageing and embracing the natural progression of time. 

"It is not primarily about the process of ageing; rather, I have wholeheartedly accepted it," she expresses. However, she perceives this as "an additional stride towards achieving utmost happiness."

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