Man arrested in Bia West after reportedly killing a landlord

It has been reported that an individual, estimated to be in his late 40s, is suspected of committing a decapitation of his landlord in Yaw Anane, a rural community engaged in farming activities within the Bia West District of the Western North Region.

In a conversation with Emmanuel Sowah from Onua FM, Augustine Bediako, the assemblyman for Nafana Electoral Area, provided confirmation of the unfortunate incident.

 Bediako stated that both the victim, Kwasi Antoh, aged 60, and the suspect, Yaw Wotoro, are farmers. However, it is important to note that Antoh was the owner of the farm, while Wotoro served as the farm keeper.

As per the assemblyman, Kwasi Antoh conducted a visit to his farm and expressed dissatisfaction with the current condition of the farm.

He mentioned that the weeds on the farm have not been cleared, and that there has been a lack of pruning and other necessary farm cultural practises.

He expressed his dissatisfaction in a strong and negative manner.

The landlord's harsh criticism, reportedly, was poorly received by the farm keeper. Additionally, there have been concerns raised about his alleged pursuit of his 19-year-old daughter within the village.

Yaw Wotoro, the individual in question, allegedly resorted to using a cutlass to inflict a severe injury to the neck of his landlord at the rear of the property, subsequently fleeing the scene.

However, the residents of the community conducted a comprehensive search and investigation, subsequently apprehending the individual.

The Assemblyman seized the opportunity to encourage residents to promptly report any incidents of this nature to either their office or the local police.

The individual in question is presently under the custody of law enforcement authorities at Akatiso, located within the Bia West District.

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