Power Book 2:Season 3:This is what we know about Noma and Obi

The third season of Power Book II: Ghost centres on Tariq St. Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr.). He has attempted for years to keep his activities as a college student and his covert drug dealing job distinct from one another. That's about to change, though.

Tariq's future will no longer be the same because of Noma (Caroline Chikezie), a new connection. Additionally, it will let him know the real nature of his closest pals, Brayden (Gianni Paolo) and Effie (Alix Lapri).

In "Power Book II: Ghost," Tariq will take on a new identity.

Fans have witnessed Tariq change and mature into the man he is now over the course of almost ten years. He had long denied being his father, but it seems like he is coming to terms with it now. It appears that he will be totally alone at the conclusion of season 3.

For a variety of causes, there will be rifts made between Tariq and his pals, according to Power Universe creator Courtney Kemp in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. 

The Tejada family's fault lines will then be affected by them, it is said. A number of earthquakes will occur, followed by a number of aftershocks that will jolt the ground and drastically alter the course of the series. Season 3 is that.The force behind "Power Book II: Ghost's Noma"

Fans have only heard hints about Noma, the vicious link who will trap Tariq and the Tejadas in her web, before the season 3 video was released. According to a description in Deadline, the protagonist is "a worldly and powerful woman with a regal presence who has built her wealth with an illicit global empire and is not afraid to protect it by any means necessary.

"The trailer, however, shows much more than that. Monet Tejada (Mary J. Blige) is made to resemble a little fish by Noma. Furthermore, she is really violent. She is depicted in the teaser brandishing a machete, showing her character as the ruler of a vast empire.The 'Power Book II: Ghost' teaser reveals a significant change.

Tariq has previously believed that he can trust Brayden and Effie. The season 3 trailer, however, shows that the friends will change. Brayden and Tariq are seen fighting physically in the clip. 

Tariq confronts Effie later on over what actually transpired with Lauren (Paige Baldwin).Given Tariq's increased involvement in the drug trade, the upcoming season will mark a big change for the character while also setting up future developments.

"The big shift that would happen in season 5, the big shift that I'm planning for season 5, would take the show in a direction where, frankly, it could go on forever," Kemp told Deadline. 

Given that move, which is a significant one, the show might air for 10 or more seasons. But if that were to happen, we could definitely move on and do some great things. However, that depends on whether or not we arrive there.

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