Will John Dutton die? : Yellowstone Season 5 Still Needs to Answer This Question

The first half of Yellowstone's huge fifth season had a lot of potential that hadn't been used yet, which means that the last six episodes will probably be full of chaos. Den of Geek breaks down a few likely things that could happen on the show when it comes back. Will John Dutton Die?

In a previous article, we hinted at this idea by predicting possible endings to the Yellowstone story, and season 5 has only made the case stronger.

If you've been paying attention to the show's subtext, Season 5 has been sending one message over and over again: this world is not for cowboys. In the same way, the show's creator Taylor Sheridan has always brought up John's (Kevin Costner) death. 

People have told John over and over that the way his family has been running Yellowstone is out of date. The Yellowstone will die if he doesn't change. But maybe more than just Yellowstone is in danger of dying.

John is a true survivor. He lived through a violent attack on his family in which he was shot many times. He's had ulcers break out and cause big health problems, and of course there was the colon cancer. The latter was a big problem early on in the show's run, but people have since forgotten about it. 

Does it? In the mid-season finale, John and Kayce (Luke Grimes), who might be John's favorite son, had an awkward moment when John hugged Kayce and told him he loved him. Kayce was surprised by his father's outburst of emotion. His father is usually calm, but this was an exception. What if John knows something that he doesn't want to tell anyone else? What if the cancer has come back?

If this is true, John has spent the whole season making sure his family's legacy lives on. People in the audience think that he doesn't care about being governor because he's a Dutton, but it could be that John doesn't worry about legal consequences or pushback because he won't be there.

 There have been rumors that Costner might want to leave the show. No one knows for sure how many more seasons Yellowstone will have, but maybe Costner will leave after season 5.

Will what was said in 1883 come true?

True fans of the Yellowstone universe remember a promise made in 1883 when the first Dutton to settle in Montana and James (Tim McGraw) made a deal with Spotted Eagle (Graham Greene).

 Before giving the land back to Spotted Eagles' people, the Duttons can keep it for seven generations. It looks like the Duttons are almost certain to lose the ranch, or at least the ranch as it is now. John and Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) have always had a shaky relationship, but they respect each other. If John knows the ranch is doomed, could he give it to the Broken Rock reservation and put it under Rainwater's care?

 If you're paying attention, you'll notice that Tate Dutton (Brecken Merrill) is the seventh generation of the Dutton family, but there's a twist. Monica, Tate's mother, is a member of the Broken Rock community. She is played by Kelsey Asbille. Before moving back to the ranch, she, Kayce, Tate, her brother, his family, and Tate's family all lived there for a long time.

This could mean that Tate, who is at least half Native American, is the cultural loophole that lets the Duttons keep at least part of the Yellowstone. This could also explain why John is telling Kayce and his family to move to the East camp house, which may have been part of Spotted Eagles' original territory.

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