Bridgerton's third season: 5 characters we don't think will be back

Season 3 of Bridgerton is currently in production, and many of the series' most adored characters will return. This season centers on the romance and love story between Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington. 

Sadly, not all characters from previous seasons will return. Season 3 is unlikely to have these five figures. Regé Jean Page has no plans to reprise his role as Simon Basset.

Simon Basset, portrayed by Regé Jean Page in season 1 as the handsome Duke of Hastings, won the hearts of viewers. Simon fell in love with and married Daphne Bridgerton; the couple is now parents.

 In season 2, although Phoebe Dynevor reprised her role as Daphne, Simon was nowhere to be found. Page has stated in numerous interviews that he has no plans to return to the series. 

He even told Variety that future seasons of the show are allowed to recast him whenever they see fit. "At the conclusion of Season 1, Shonda [Rhimes, executive producer of 'Bridgerton'] and I had a lovely talk. We were extremely pleased with how well we executed this scene," the actor continued.

 Bridgerton looks unlikely to replace Simon. Instead, it is likely that subsequent seasons will continue to write around his absence. Jack Featheringon fled to the United States at the end of the second season.

The second season of Bridgerton featured Jack Featherington (Rupert Young), Penelope's father Archibald's cousin. Jack inherits the Feathertington estate and, upon his arrival, appears to intend to care for his relatives. It turns out, however, that Jack is a penniless con artist. 

He and Portia Featherington devise a scheme to steal money, but Portia turns the tables when Colin exposes Jack as a fraud. She feigns surprise and directs Jack to vacate their estate, revealing that she will not accompany him to America as she had previously claimed. 

Since Porta defeated Jack and he fled the nation, there seemed to be no reason for his reappearance in Season 3 of Bridgerton. Marina Thompson is happy in her relationship with George Crane.

In the first season of Bridgerton, Marina Thompson (Ruby Barker) was Colin Bridgerton's love interest. Marina planned to persuade Colin into marrying her in order to save her reputation after realizing she was pregnant. Eventually, however, Lady Whistledown betrayed the fact, and her engagement to Colin was broken off. 

George Crane, Marina's lover and the father of her kid, was killed in the war, she learnt. Phillip, brother of George, arrived and proposed to marry Marina, offering her and the baby a home and security. 

Marina reluctantly accepted. In the second season, Colin visited Marina at her new residence and discovered that she is happy with her new life. Barker featured in only one episode of season 2, and there appears to be no reason for her to return for season 3. 

In the books, Marina eventually dies, and Phillip Crane becomes Eloise Bridgerton's love interest, therefore Marina may be mentioned in future seasons. Charithra Chandran has announced that Edwina would not appear in Season 3 of "Bridgerton."

Charithra Chandran played a major role in Bridgerton Season 2 as Edwina Sharma. Edwina appeared to be the ideal spouse for Anthony, but he soon fell for her older sister Kate. Queen Charlotte then intimated that she may arrange a match between Edwina and her nephew, Prince Friederich. 

Some fans thought that Edwina will have a minor plotline in Season 3 of Bridgerton. However, in an interview with Indian Express, the actor revealed that she is "not on set for season 3" and is instead engaged in other projects. Theo Sharpe terminated his relationship with Eloise Bridgerton.

In Bridgerton Season 2, Eloise Bridgeront had a brief flirtation with a printer's assistant named Theo Sharpe (Calam Lynch). Lady Whistledown's revelation that Eloise was sneaking out to meet him became a major controversy, despite the fact that their relationship consisted primarily of stolen glances and admiration for each other's intelligence.

 The couple dissolved their relationship, and we do not anticipate seeing Theo in season three.

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