All the Teases About Sarah & Rafe’s Biological Mom In Outer Banks

Outer Banks still needs to figure out a lot of things, like what happened to Sarah and Rafe's real mother. As the popular Netflix show has gone on, more and more of the main characters' families have been shown. In Outer Banks season 2, the big reveal was that Pope is a descendant of Denmark Tanny. 

This makes Pope, in a way, Figure Eight royalty. In a surprise turn of events, Big John, John B.'s dad, was found to be alive. Even though Outer Banks has told us a lot about the Pogues and Kooks' family history, there are still some things we don't know.

 John B.'s mother and uncle haven't shown up yet in the series, but there are also some mysteries about the Cameron family. Outer Banks has confirmed that Rose Cameron is not the real mother of Sarah or Rafe. Instead, she is their stepmother now that she is married to Ward. 

But Outer Banks hasn't said what happened to Sarah and Rafe's mom during all of this, so her present and past are still a mystery. Every Hint About Sarah and Rafe's Real Mom in Outer BanksOuter Banks has given only vague hints about Sarah and Rafe's real mom. Rose is their stepmother, and that's really all that's been made clear. 

This is clear from a few different events and conversations. Sarah often calls Rose by her first name instead of calling her mom, which is very different from how she always calls Ward dad or daddy. Sarah says in Outer Banks season 1 that Rose is not her mother, in case that wasn't clear enough. 

What isn't clear, though, is what happened to Sarah and Rafe's mother before Ward and Rose got married. Even though Rose isn't Sarah and Rafe's real mother, Outer Banks never shows anyone in the Cameron family talking about their real mother. This makes it hard to know if she and Ward split up when Rafe and Sarah were still young or if she died around the same time. 

Sarah and Rafe don't get along very well with Rose, which could mean that she didn't fit in well when she joined the family. When it looked like Ward Cameron had died in Outer Banks season 2, Sarah never said that she had lost a parent before. After all this time, Outer Banks season 3 could show what happened to Sarah and Rafe's mother and even have her show up.

 So far, it hasn't been said that this will be in the new season. Bringing in Ward Cameron's first wife would be a big change for the show, but it wouldn't be all that surprising at this point. Even if Sarah and Rafe's mom showed up in Outer Banks season 3, it wouldn't be the first time a parent who had been missing or thought to be dead came back.

Any role that Sarah's real mom might play in Outer Banks season 3 should tell us a lot about what happened to her. Having her show up in flashbacks would make it more likely that she died in the past. On the other hand, Sarah and Rafe's mom could only come back as part of the main storyline of season 3 if she is still alive.

 It seems like the Outer Banks won't keep ignoring this question forever, but it remains to be seen if season 3 will be when we find out what happened to Sarah and Rafe's biological mother.

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