Fake soldier arrested at Burma Camp. Find out what he did here

Rufai Abubakar is a fake soldier. Military personnel (MP) of the Ghana Armed Forces caught him at Burma Camp (GAF).

After he tried to book a flight to Tamale at the Air Force Base in Burma Camp while pretending to be a high-ranking military official, his secret was out.

The guards on duty became suspicious of him because of what he was doing, and after an argument, he admitted that he was not in the military.

The suspect added a fake Lieutenant Colonel rank to his military camouflage suit and said he was stationed at the Northern Command headquarters, according to a press release from Wednesday, December 7.

Some of what the press release said was:

"He also said that he pretended to be a Senior Military Officer to scam Mr. Abdallah Abdul Fatahu, from whom he took GH3,000.00 under the pretense of recruiting him into the Ghana Armed Forces."

"When the suspect was caught, he had in his possession fake military IDs, business cards, and other papers with his name on them."

A second search of the two homes he sent the military police to turned up several certificates and fake GAF recruitment reports with the names of people who had been scammed, as well as a toy pistol and other military gear.


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