After the attack, Kofi Adomah speaks for the first time

Kofi Adomah has officially spoken for the very first time after he was attacked and nearly burnt alive by a gang of assailants just two months ago. 

The talented radio and TV presnter was nearly killed by these yet-to-be apprehended killers who damaged a part of his arms and face with a knife and heavy blows. 

The CEO of Kofi TV went to the hospital and stayed there for weeks. He or she is now fully better after treatment. 

Kofi Adomah talked about what happened to him on Kofi TV. He said that the attack was so shocking and horrible that he thought he would be dead by now. 

Kofi Adomah says that talking about what really happened to him in detail makes him feel uncomfortable. Because of this, he has decided not to say more about what happened with the thugs. 

He said; 

"I've missed all of you very much, and many of you keep calling to see how I'm doing. By the grace of God, I'm healthy, and God is with us. Life is a journey with ups and downs. If you drop something, you pick it up again and keep going. 

Kofi Adomah's wife says something for the first time since her husband was attacked. 

"Yes, I did have a very bad attack. Talking about it makes me sick, and it reminds me how close I was to dying. When it happened and the police and some well-wishers came to my house, I always paid close attention to what they had to say." 

"It was scary enough that, if he had died, that's how his funeral would have gone. So, it woke me up and made me aware that I needed to be careful about what I did next. I'm fine, and it's up to the police to figure out what to do next." 

Unknown men attacked Kofi Adomah and almost set him on fire. 

Kofi Adomah Nwanwanii, a media personality at the Angel Broadcasting Network, was attacked by some men who are still unknown. He was taken to the hospital. 

The event is said to have taken place around Old Ashongman on Saturday, August 6, 2022. 

From what we know, Mr. Adoma, who is the CEO of Kofi TV and the host of the morning show on Angel FM, was coming back from Kuntunse when he was attacked. 

The men, who were on motorcycles and carrying sharp objects, hurt the host on his face, arms, and shoulders.


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