An angry man kills a friend and amputates an arm after his wife received GHc5 while he was away.

After giving his wife Ghc5 to buy food for her child while he was out, a buddy slaughtered and cut off the young man's arm, leaving him in severe condition at the hospital. 

According to reports, the event took place at Brema Kuntunasi in the Central region's Breman Asikuma Odoben Brakwa district. 

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The culprit, Akwesi Amisah, is also in severe condition, according to reports from UTV, as a result of villagers lynching him after he slaughtered his comrade. He has apparently been detained by locals and turned over to the police. However, while they begin an investigation, the police are keeping an eye on the suspect as they receive medical attention. 

According to the reports, the suspect, Akwasi Amisah, urged the man to keep away from his wife till the occurrence because he thought she was having an affair with his friend. 

Prior to the incident, the suspect's wife went to her husband's place of employment to request maintenance funds, but she was unable to find him. She then requested GHc5 from the victim to purchase food for the youngster. Amisah, the suspect, learned his friend had given his wife money while he was away when he arrived at the scene. As he murdered him with a matchet and severed his arm, he jumped on him. 

The sufferer was taken to the hospital in a medical emergency and is currently being treated at the Our Lady of Grace hospital in the Central area.


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