Everything You Need To Know About Kendrick Lamar's Crown Is In A $3M Headpiece

With his album Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers, Kendrick Lamar returned to music after a five-year absence. 

K-most Dot's recent musical endeavor wasn't without its fair share of covert messages and profound meanings, as suggested by popular commentary, which claims that this is his most sensitive and transparent album. 

The album cover, specifically the diamond-encrusted crown he has been sporting since announcing the release, came in first on that list. Lamar and his crew have left some hints in an effort to decipher the obsession and justification for the crown. 

The obvious comparison between Kendrick's crown and the one worn by Jesus at his crucifixion is their likeness. Despite his denials, I did listen to the songs "Savior" and "Crown" from his most recent album. Perhaps it is a tribute to his regal position? 

King is mentioned in two songs by Kendrick, "King Kunta" and "King's Dead." Both songs discuss the challenges and victories faced by Black leaders. Could the way he carried himself communicate something about his standing in society or the rap game? 

Kendrick's crown was not made by a lone individual. Collaboration between K-Dot, his design director Dave Free, and Tiffany & Co. produced the now-iconic item. 

There Must Be a More Meaningful Meaning 

Dave Free told Vogue that the crown is "a divine portrayal of hood principles delivered from a digestible youthful viewpoint," contrary to my speculations that it has multiple meanings. However, during a recent performance of "Savior," Kendrick admitted that the song was his favorite since it discusses flaws. And as a personal reminder, he wears the crown. Kendrick remarked, "They judge you, they judge Christ." You see? many interpretations! 

Kendrick was unable to simply stroll into Tiffany's and take the crown home as he could any other item. The pricey headpiece took four master jewelers more than 1,300 hours to hand-set the diamonds after a 10-month planning process. 

Additionally, he is not Saweetie, but this crown is very icy. 

The estimated 200g weight of Kendrick's crown of thorns has 8,000 cobblestone micro pavé diamonds totaling more than 137 carats. Although it appears to be light, carrying such weight must be difficult. 

It Cost Seven Figures to Buy It. 

The Unknown Vlogs, a YouTube channel, caught Kendrick backstage at the Glastonbury Festival in England. One of Kendrick's buddies blipped that the crown was worth $3 million when questioned about its cost. 

Dates for The Crown's Own Tour 

Kendrick was photographed during a Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris for Fashion Week in addition to the Glastonbury Festival. If I had a $3 million crown, I would wear that item everywhere as well. 

Nothing Else in the World Is Quite Like It 

The fact that the crown is unique and unmatched throughout the world contributes to its allure. Prior to being placed in the coveted blue box, Tiffany's made the crown especially for the Compton native and even had "Mr. Morale" etched on the headpiece.


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