5 natural ways to whiten and shine your teeth

In this article, you may discover a number of the natural ways to create your teeth white and glossy.

Although everyone desires white and glossy teeth, there are some who have resigned themselves to the idea that nothing is done to bring their wish to reality.

After all, they've tried every possible means to form it work without achieving a positive result.

Well, you may also change your belief if you're one among them; because, during this article, you'll discover a number of the natural ways to create your teeth white and glossy.

Here are five natural ways to form your teeth white and glossy

1. Banana peel

Surprising but efficient, the banana the peel has been proven to contain many magnesium, potassium and other teeth whitening minerals which will make the color of your teeth look better.

However, it's very easy to use the peel method. Rub it on your teeth for a few minutes after brushing and rinse out of your mouth with warm water.

2. A mix of bicarbonate and peroxide

Both the oxide and therefore the sodium bicarbonate are known to grant results when used singly and are used as home remedies for whitening the teeth for quite it slow now,

As a matter of fact, a mix of the 2 is sure to give better results.

This remedy is employed by mixing the oxide with serratus and forming a form of paste, which is then used as a toothpaste.

However, it's not advisable to form use of this remedy regularly thanks to the abrasive nature of its components.

3. Sodium bicarbonate and lemon combo

The paste is created by using half a lemon and a teaspoon of hydrogen carbonate.

Apply it in your teeth employing a cotton bud and let it stay for some minutes (not but one minute and less than two minutes).

Use your regular toothpaste to scrub off afterward.

4. Bicarbonate of soda and vegetable oil

When it involves either home remedies of DIYs, oil is king. And this is often because it contains lots of nutrients and minerals.

However, when combined with sodium hydrogen carbonate, they form a teeth whitening paste that may be applied to the teeth for some minutes before washing off

Apply hydrogen carbonate and vegetable oil paste to teeth for few mins and rinse with warm water.

5. Use of foil and toothpaste

Cut out two rectangles of aluminum foil and rub your toothpaste or any of the above homemade remedies. Use the foil to hide the teeth on your jaw and sub maxilla and leave it for some minutes before removing it.

In conclusion, when making use of the homemade remedies, remember to use them consistently, because that's the sole way you'll get your required result.


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